The best trip of my life!

On the last October I went to Africa, even with all the problem about..Ebola, it actually don´t exist on SOUTH Africa, well it really was surprising, it is better than Brazil, on the service of the restaurants and all…but what really did make it the best trip was of the unique experience that they give us there, all the animals, I could even ride an Elephant, and walk with a Cheetah, and do cage diving with the awesome White Sharks! All of that was on S.A but i also visited Zambia and Botswana. Zambia was very cool but the service was not half of the S.A, but I could do the Devil´s Pool, that is a pool on the edge of Victoria´s Fall, it was really impressive, and there is a fun fact about Zambia, we were walking on the hotel, suddenly we saw a giant giraffe, we were to close to her so she ran after my father, and I´m not making this up, it´s true! Botswana was really beautiful and nice, the visuals of the sun were too good!IMG_0025

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