My best trip

My brother took this photo when we went to New Zealand and we jumped bungee jump. We stayed in New Zealand for  6 mounths. I choose this photo because I liked too much this trip, I learned  a lot of things and I enjoed it. One day I want to visit this place again.


        This foto was taken by my mother, on my last vacation. Me, My brother, my mother went in Senhor do Bomfin we have a family there, after we went in Salvador, Bahia’s capital, we stayed in my cousin’s apartament with her, her husband and a puppy that bite my brother and his arm bled a lot, it was very nice and funny. We stayed in salvador during three days , we went in projeto Tamar, farol da barra beach and many others touristic points. It was a unforgetable moment in my life because I had my family together and with peace and love.

The story behind the photo

image (1)When the turist guid took this photo, I was in the USA in  July in 2010. I was with my brother and with my daddy, was a family travel. This photo were take on Universal Studios; there had ” The Island of Adventure” (a tematic park about movies of Universal, like Harry Potter, Jurassic Park,etc). I loved this trip a lot ,but we didn’t go only to Universal  Studios, we went  to  Disney, Sea World, and others parks.It Was a very significative trip for all of us.


My favorite photo

This is my favorite photo of my travel to Disneyland.
I took this photo in my first travel to Disney on 2010,  when I was on vacations with my family in Orlando.
I was at a theme park, the Magic Kingdom. It was the  first-built of the four theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort and it´s one of the most famous parks of Disney.

I love this photo because it was   very happy moment , and it was also my best trip.
I have this photo in passepart out  in my room.
I love this moment, is very especial to me and my family!

My holy week

image1My holy week in 2012 is in Gravatá and i had so much fun because is so cold and we went to Passion of Chris to see in the outdoor theater but the most cool is the city because its bealtiful and in some places funny. We stand for five days and when we went back we received a lot of easter eggs.


a important moment

On 2006, I went to the USA with my father, my mom and my older brother, in this day we visited a lot of parks. We stayed in USA FOR 2 weeks and we really enjoyed. My brother took this photo when we are walking to McDonald’s. This photo it’s important for me because was my first travel to another country.

disney 001

The best trip of my life!

On the last October I went to Africa, even with all the problem about..Ebola, it actually don´t exist on SOUTH Africa, well it really was surprising, it is better than Brazil, on the service of the restaurants and all…but what really did make it the best trip was of the unique experience that they give us there, all the animals, I could even ride an Elephant, and walk with a Cheetah, and do cage diving with the awesome White Sharks! All of that was on S.A but i also visited Zambia and Botswana. Zambia was very cool but the service was not half of the S.A, but I could do the Devil´s Pool, that is a pool on the edge of Victoria´s Fall, it was really impressive, and there is a fun fact about Zambia, we were walking on the hotel, suddenly we saw a giant giraffe, we were to close to her so she ran after my father, and I´m not making this up, it´s true! Botswana was really beautiful and nice, the visuals of the sun were too good!IMG_0025

Commemoration with my friends

One of my favorite photo is this on of me and my friend, Mariana.

One of my friends took this photo in a commemoration of the class in the end of tIMG-20141122-WA0009he year 2014

We were at André’s house, in the pool. They were hugging each other and making the V of vibe or love and peace. The day when took the photo it was a wonderful day and important too, because many people change the school or class. We played many games in the pool and football.

I love this photo because reminds me this day, of the people who changes and of my relationship with Mariana.

I have this photo in my cell phone and on the wall in my bedroom with other photos of the day and other many photos.

The day of the match

IMG_0678 (2)

I dont have a favorite photo, but, I like much this one.

I took the photo in the winter of 2014, in the Mane Garrincha stadium, when is during the World Cup, this day Brazil won the match with Cameroon for 4 x 1

I was in a match of brazil X Cameroon, its june 19 and brazil won the game for 4 x 1, the photo was taked befor the game so the teams are not playing but you cam see the that stadiun was packed.


I like it because the photo is great and was my first time in a match of Brazil team.

I have de photo in a paste in my computer with other photos of the world cup.

Surprise party


One of my favorites photos is this one of me and my friends.

A friend took the photo in the pool of my friend Luísa when me and her were celebrating our birthday last year.

We were in Luisa’s house and we decided go to the playground met two friend when we saw a lot of people. Were our friend. They  made a surprise party for us and called everybody. Was so funny! We all had a funny day because we play “queimado”, we swam, and we laught.

I love this photo because was cool, it remind me that great day.

I have this photo in my cellphone with other favorites photos.