My friend’s house

I chose this picture because is my best photo with them , was my friend’s birthday in may, we were making a surprise to her in her house, me and my friends bought a cake and went there to preparing the party while she was in a mall, but she came to her house before the time and discovered, everybody were surprise nobody was waiting. In the finish we laught a lot and was a amazing day.

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13th birthday

13th BirthdayThis was in my 13th birthday in june fifteen, it was on the beginning of the Confederation Cup and because of that event we all wore brazilian soccer T-shirts with exception of my uncle, my sister, my middle brother, my grandmother, my aunt and my mother. By one side it was one of the most funny bithday in my life, because we had two birthdays in the same party, but by the other side it was boring because my old brother went to the Germany two months later for the Science Without Borders, but everything was very good in the party. I was cutting the cake and we call all the family to take a photo.

Mother’s day

On May 8th, me and my family were at a restaurant on mother’s day. We talked about everything when we’re waiting for the food. It was a sunny day but when we came home started to rain. After that, we stayed at my grandma’s house. We had a great time.

A fantastic vacation


This photo was taken in Paris.I was visiting the city with my family and this this day was absolutle amazing.We saw the famous Sacre Coeur De Mont Matre and we met two nice english people who we talked a lot.My brother was freaking out with the french women.He isn’t on the photo because he was buying an ice cream,it was so delicious that I eated half.By the way,it was a fantastic vacation.

Where We Are Tour

Exiba foto.JPG na apresentação de slidesMy favorite photo is this one of me, my sister Mariana and her best friend Sophia.

I took this photo on May 9 when we were in Rio de Janeiro to see the One Direction show.

Actually, in this photo, we were in front of Fasano’s hotel to see the boys. We were talking to other directioners (One direction fans), taking a lot of pictures of the boys when they appeared in the window, and singing to call attention to them. They said that Brazilian fans are the best in the world!

I really love this photo because it reminds me of the good times we had in Rio, inside or outside the show!

My friend Elena also went to the show with us, but she didn’t come to the photo.

I just have the photo in my phone with other photos of the show. I love all of the photos I took, but this one is definitely my favorite.

My favorite photo


My favorite photo is this one of me when I was 2 years old.

My mother took the photo in Gravatá. When we was with our family there : my sister, my        mother, my father and my grandmother.

At this moment on the photo, I was in the car, playing with my toys. My mother took this photo because she said I was funny with this “fake cellphone”. My dad said to me, I loved this fake cellphone, and I pretend to answer real phone calls.

I love this photo because, I was with blue eyes, and I really love blue eyes. And my mom said I loved this day. I had a lot of fun at this day…

I have this photo in a frame and in my computer too.

Luísa de Pádua Barbosa – Teen 3 h1


A week in a beautiful city

IMG_4192One of my favorite photo is this one of me in Fortaleza.

Adriana, my stepmother took this photo of me on holiday in July this year when me, my father, and she, went to Fortaleza .

We went by car, and spent a week, we went to a schooner, I saw many things and it was really cool and interesting, we saw many old large ships, of the Portuguese coming from Portugal in the period of colonization.

This photo is one of my favorites because this trip was very cool, and this tour also, and reminds me many great times of the trip.

I have this photo on my phone and computer, with others photos of this trip.

Travel to Ushuaia

Camila GuerraEugenia’s mother took this photo  in Ushuaia, a city in Argentina. It was in July, so it was winter. We were in vacation with our family and some other friends.

In this photo, we were going to cross a river by a boat. This was a very cold day, but very funny too. We loved the view, so we decided to take a photo, but Eugenia and me were laughing a lot. But her mother took the photo, and every time I look to this picture I remember this amazing day.

I love this photo because it is very funny, and remembers me a great travel. Ushuaia is wonderful place, very beautiful. I liked a lot this vacation.

I have the photo in my cell phone and in my computer, and Eugenia have it too.

Riding a Jetski

DSCN0028In a sunny day, at Barra de Sirinhaem, me and my uncle were riding a jetski. My dad took that photo when we were there, on the vacation.

We were playing soccer when we decided to ride it. And all my cousins wanted to go to the jetski too, but they couldn’t because they were too young to go there.

This picture is one of my favorite picture because it was my first time in one jetski and was also the first time my uncle in a jetski

I have this photo saved on my computer and on my cellphone with other photos of this day.