i wish was a normal day

image1 image2      this is two of my favorite photos ever!!!!  one are of a place that i was, and the other one is me with my best firends.

I took the pictures  yesturday  when we were talking!!

we were at a place called 858, and we were talking about the food that we order I  guess…we just finished our test and went to that place to have a nice conversation and have a good food! but when we are suppost to pay, our money wasn´t enough and we start laugh so loud that even the waitress starting too,was so funny and i will allways remember this moment!!

I love this photos cause is just I see and I start laugh that is so amazing,right?

I don´t have the photo, but I will ask to my firend pass to me.

The best holiday ever!

A warm welcome

       This pic was taken the first time I traveled alone by airplane to Minas Gerais, where my father’s family lives. I was really scared but my aunt picked me up at the airport and we went to my uncle’s house. It was near to my cousin’s birthday so I helped my aunt to chose a present for him, at the end, we decided give him money. At the day of the birthday party all the family come to comemorate and take photos. This one was taken by my cousin Iann, who was completing 15 years old at the day. The party was amazing and the family had fun. Surely, that was the best holiday ever.

the unforgettable 11 may,2008

it was the first time i went to a soccer stadium, it was amazing,the stadium was packed,had several flags,and the crowd shouted in chorus.When the game started the tension engulfed the stage, the team had to make 2 goals and the corinthians were doing wasting time,but the 2 goals came fast and the party was started.The corinthians tried to make 1 goal but the title of copa do brasil it was of sport club do recife.The experience was amazing and i bring for the rest of my lifefoto (2)

Best Santa Cruz match

download (9) santa cruz


On this day I was watching the Santa Cruz x Portuguesa match with my brother, my dad and my cousin when i took this picture. that was an exciting game because it was the last game in the championship, if  Santa Cruz won it would be one more the title for them. there was a problem; Nautico needed to win Gremio, but Nautico lost and Santa Cruz was second. But in the end it was a good day.

13th birthday

Me and my best friend on my 13th birthday. I called some friends, hired a photograph and made my birthday in my apartment. I was laughing while they took the picture, and my friends who were watching were laughing too. This was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had, because I was with my best friends and we took many pictures, talked, sing, played guitar. And while we were singing the congratulations, my father shoved my face into the cake. Was very cool and funny.

My Trip!

Last month I was in a trip with my friends! Its was very cool we stayed in a big resort at natal city. We did many things in there like playing football and swimming in the pool!When I take this photo I was in genipabu dunes with the buggys! Its was very cool I was talking with my friend Carol when I took this photo, it was really beautiful in there! I have enjoyed the trip very much!!! !image

13h birthday

10582885_638973276222983_1170523365486587700_o this was my 13 year birthday, me and  my parents and my brothers went to milan was one of best birthday because I could pass with my family wen I come back milan my mother made a party at arcadia apipucos so I can call my friends it´s too funny we talk ,dance… we do many things


wagnerthis picture was taken in august of 2012. in a birthday  of my friend .the birthday  is very good i liked after birthday , I went with my friends to shopping to watched a movie , we ate on mac donalds , this day is very good . I was eating when I saw my portuguese teacher, and we talked with my father , and after I went to my house

My Trip to USA

andre selimThis picture was taken in july 2014, in Orlando, in the Magic Kingdom Park. This time, I was arriving to the park. I went to the USA on this vacation with my school, I was really enjoying it, but I got sick when I was coming the best parks, despite this, I enjoyed a lot this trip.

The best weekend

Baixe foto.JPG (52,0 KB) When I took the photo I went to my best friend house ( Ines), to more 2 friends (Clara and Laura).
Victoria is Ines´s friend , when she took this picture  we are posing  and  laughing so much. This day was very fun , we took more 3 photos after that , but this picture is my favorite. In the night we watched  The fault in your´s stars and ate pizza , me and my friends slept in Ines´s house´s , was the best weekend ever!