Basketball Medal

DSCN0137This is for me one of my favorites photos i have, me with a golden medal from basketball.

My dad took this photo when we were celebrating the victory in basketball “Jogos Internos”

We had never won a gold medal until that day. All of the class were celebrating the victory, because it was very important for the overall standings against all classes. I really like this photo because when i see it i remember that game and that victory.

I have this picture saved on my computer, as I have also all the photos from that day

Finally victory


This is a important photo to me, because it reminds me the internal games of my school. This photo was taken by the school directress, after my class had won the basketball final game.

My class won against B class, that was champion of the last 2 years in all sports. We beat the favorites. But, it wasn’t easy. We were losing the game and we only took advantage in the score in the final minutes.

Few people believed that we were capable to winning. My dad was the coach of my class. Before the final game, my dad did a meeting with the basketball team, to encourage us. He showed some motivational videos, that were very important during the game.

When we believe, nothing is impossible.


A beautiful view


I took this picture when i was on the plane coming back to Recife, I was in São Paulo for the One direction concert, I  went with my mother, my friends and their mothers, we spent three days there, on the first day I was sick so I stayed in the hotel all day, but the second day I felt better so I went to 25 de Março and on the third I went to the show I went to the stadium at 4 pm and the show started at 9 pm, after the show we ate pizza and slept.

Duda`s party!!!



One of my favorites photos is this one of me and my friends, Bruna and Nathália.

My other friend, Ana Paula took the photo when we were in Duda`s party drinking and having fun at her farm, this year 2014.

We went at Duda`s farm in Chã Grande to celebrate her birthday with her family for a weekend. In there was very pretty, big and comfortable. We had so much fun in there. We sing with a karaoke, played together, did joke with Nathália, Duda`s cousin, toke pictures and a lot of things.

I love this foto because we were having so much fun in there together and I will always remember this moment.

I keep it in my cell phone and facebook because there I can always see. But in the closest future I want print this photograf and put in my room and in a book.



Not a Normal Day


image2  These are two of my favorites photos. The first photo was taken by me and the second is of me and my two best friends bia and gabi, was taken by bia on my phone. In this day went to a cafe called 858,after the portuguese test on school, and we were having soo fun when the waitress come with the bill… well we doesn´t have money enought!! Soo the waitress starts too laught a lot, and we was like WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DOO!! Well so i went to my school to get some money with carol! because the cafe was soo close to Damas school (my school) so i got back with the money and we did it to pay the bill!!

Was not a normal day right? i love it

I crazy vacation


One of my favorites photos is this, me and my mother.


I took it in my vacation on september, in front of Pacaembu, São Paulo.


We went then because has a Soccer Museum and is a stadium of famouse team of São Paulo.


I like this photo because I reminds the moment, the Day, the vacation…


I keep it in my cell phone.



foto(1) One of my favorite photos is this one of me, my sister and 2 friends.

The photographer took the photo on the party  of 15 years of my sister. It was in march 15th, 2014.

We was tooking photos for the album when i ask for the photographer if he could took a photo on my phone. Next the photo we started to dance and all my familly and friends was there. The best part of the party for me, was when the DJ put eletronic music and we dance all the time.

When I see this photo I want to take back time and live everything again. Was a really good night for everyone.

I have this photo on my phone because reminds me a great time I had


My brother

cabra love   One of favorite photos is this one of me and my brother, Eduardo.

   My mom took the photo in my home of 2004 on birthday of my brother.

Im very happy because is first birthday of my brother and i very excited.

I love this photo because it´s happy, and remember a good day.

I have this photo im my facebook with other photos when i little.

One of my favorite photos

This is the one of my favorites photos,it is one of me and four of my best friends,maria helena,sofia,grazi and ana beatriz

i took the photo in july of this year when we make a surprise birthday for ana beatriz

We were in her house, one time before when  we make the surprise for her,we had a  great time time,laughing and make a funny  moment,before photo we were going to the movie teather and it was really good.

i love this photo beacause it was one of a funny moment with four of my best friends,the photo reminds me teh great surprise that we make for our friens,she was really impressed and happy.

i have the photo in my facebook and in the cell phone of my friend with other photos of this incredible day.