My brother

One of my favorite photos is when my brother was a little baby.

I took the photo in the summer of 2010 when I was in a park in Recife.

When I took the photo my brother was eating “papa”.

I keep it in my phone and I like it because my brother is everthing for me.


My littlee trip in Natal!

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In this photo , that my mom took It, It was a camel walk  around the beach of Natal , I keep it in the internet so i can find it very fast.This is my favorite foto because in natal this is  the most gorgeous beach ever , in my opinion.It was sunny when my mom took it , and very good to get a tan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn’t only a beautiful photo


This photo shows the vineyards of the winery of my family, in RS. When I took this photo, it was cold, with a gale, despite being summer. I took this photo at the end of December of 2013. This photo isn’t important for me because it’s a beautiful ph0to, but because it shows that my family could do a hard job in almost 70 years, when they came from Italy at the end of the war.


15th birthday


I took this photo on my 15th birthday. We were at the Castelo Eventos, in March 15. My friends had a surprise for me, they wrote a lot of beautiful mensages and gave to me. I cried so much. It was a fantastic day, my friends and my family are everything for me, i miss this day so much.

Favorite moment



This photo is very important to me,one of the reason is because reminds me of a nice moment of my life

I took this photo when i was in machu pichu,in the vacation of 2012

We were climbing the mountain to get to machu pichu,and I saw a llama,and i took the photo

I keep this photo in my beedrom and it helps to remember .

Blue man “party”!!


One of my favorite photos is of me before the blue man presentation. My mom took that photo in the summer of last eyear. I was on vacation in U.S.A, Boston. We didn’t stay at a hotel because my cousin leaves there. We bought the tikets because my grandfather told us that it is fun. He called the presentation of “Blue man party”.I didn’t belive that before I go but in the end of the presentation, when it was happing, it starts. It was awesome!! Everybode in the theater was dancing. I really liked. I just didn’t love because I was in the end of the theather and these made the presentation wasn’t perfect.

my importants moments.

this photo is very important to me because my familyis all together and we are celebrating the 50th birthday of my father who was a very nice party for him and my family, we play in, drank my uncles and my father loved to party Commemorative we made it to the party and me and my brother opened a champagne and played on my dad and he got angry and threw me grounded for 1 week.but out that the party was exellent all mostly liked my parents.533146_437960126231436_2063741110_n