A long time ago

llll   This photo was taken in 2004, next to me was my grandmother and my cousin. I was 4 years old and my cousin, lais, was 5. On this day in the three spent the day together,my grandma  picked us up in the morning and took us to her house, she gave gifts to us, bracelets and earrings. Then we have lunch at the mall and we went for ice cream store, we were in the bookstore and in the late afternoon we went to my aunt’s house, where we took hats and took this photo.

My grandmother always liked to get us to buy books and accessories.I lived with her ​​only 5 years old, and were unforgettable a year my grandmother died, I miss those afternoons with her.

A church planted, a hope planted.

This picture is very important for my church because in this photo we were planting a Presbyterian church in the city of Itambé. To plant a church take a long time because you need a space, one missionary and money, and after one year we planted this church.

That day we were on missionary advance, and during the day we will evangelize on the streets and invite people to the worship at night. We talked to many people but some people not gave importance. In the afertnoon, I prayed for God to touch the heart of those people to came at night. When the night came, the church was packed! I could notbelieve it! And that night, many people gave their lifes for Jesus.

This picture is a good reminder, because now in this city people have the chance to listen about Jesus, people have the chance to listen about the only Hope!



In my friend´s house


In april, 2013, on a Saturday morning, i went to my friend´s house to spend the afternoon with my friends. In that time I was in love with Juliette ( the first girl on the left side) but nothing happened. We and the others only talked about us and the school.

I really enjoyed myself on that day. We played and talked much about the others life. I met new people, I dived in the pool with my new cell phone in the pocket.

I think is only this. I don´t have a agitated life, my mother never was like this other mothers who are very liberal, so i rarely went to my friends house, that the reason.

So I think is only this, thanks!

My travel to Rio de Janeiro

Imagem 2 RIO 2010 048My name’s Hugo, and I’m talking about this photo because, it’s reminds me my first travel to Rio de Janeiro.

My first travel to Rio was fantastic. I visited the Maracanã, the Sugarloaf, the Redeemer Christ and many restaurants. I and my family stayed at a house of a friend of my father, in Rio. The weather was good, in every days, was sunny. And We had a good time.

This is a photo of the Redeemer Christ. I took this photo when I am in front of the Redeemer Christ, with my father, my mother and my brother. This photo is very important to me because, every time when I look to this photo, I remember my travel to Rio.

Looking at Vanerra

This is one of my favorite photos. My sister took this photo when she was in a city of Italy. I think that she just loved the landscape and took this photo, but the true it is that I don’t really have a store to talk about this picture, but makes me think that how many incredible stories already happened in that place and how the people feel when they look or go to this landscape? I don’t know the answer but one think that I really know its that this picture makes me wonder. 

r. IMG_5253


Better together


One of my favorite photos is these with my friends. I took these photo in january 18th, I, Paulo S. and Andressa in my friend’s birthday.

We were taking a photo in a cell phone when a photographer took a photo of us. I like these photo because I’m with my friends, and there is nothing better than stay with good friends. We were in Ana’s birthday, she’s fifteen years old.

These photo is my wallpaper, and is in a picture frame on my bedside table in my room.

I and my father

foto niver 2013This picture was taken on my 13th birthday. Me, my friends, and my parents were celebrating at my favorite restaurant in Recife. My father came from a trip that day just to be with me.

After taking this photo, I and all my friends went away together in the same car. We let them in their homes. When we just leave them out, I went home because it was already late and the next day had test after showering I went to bed knowing that one of the coolest days of my life was over.

My first downhill


This photo is when I was doing skate with my friends in the Arena Pernanbuco.I keep it in my phone because i like to show to my friends and relatives my first downhill.My friend Pingo took this photo and I took one of him too .That day was cool and funny ,later we went to mac and we slept in our friend home just finish with a gold key.

Best person


I took this photo one month ago when I went to Porto de Galinhas with my brother, my sister and my cousin. It’s a very special picture to me because I am with one of the persons that I love more.

We were surfing and we stopped to took this photo, in fact who took it was my cousin with a gopro camera. We do everything together, but now he is living in Canada, I miss him so much, maybe that’s why this photo is so special to me.