the unforgettable trip

     in this picture my sister and I were preparing to travel to disney she was super excited because it was his first trip was a great trip we went to many parks saw lots of disney characters bough a lot of things , i past a god time with my family we ate very diferent kind of food and  when i went back e was very exciting  to saw my parents and gives then presents

My First Championship


My first championship was in Australia in 2008 in Melborne. I played in the attacker . I score 7 goals but I doesn’t  was the scorer but my friend John was the score with 12 goals he was the center forward and I played by second striker. But my team stay at the 3rd place. I was happy staying in 3rd place because was my first championship.After the championship me hang out to eat hamburger  in the snack bar.

My travel to Orlando!


This picture is very important for my life because was my first Travel to the other Country, in the travel I spent two days in Orlando and fun in 7 parks. My favorite park is the Magic Kingdom and Blizzard Beach where I play in several toys in the park, in the travel I went with company CVC and I Know several people. I really Liked the travel and I have the best trip in my life!

New Year

I was jumping waves in the new year, I take it in Porto de Galinhas with a part of my mother family I liked becouse we were all happy and louthing this is my favorit photo.

My cousin took the picture in january 1.

I asked a lot for my dad to go jump the waves, after midnight we went on to jump the ten waves and made our wishes after that us all went to the house of my uncle’s niece because it was her birthday, and sang in congratulation and went home.

Luiza brito

My travel to Argentina




In this photo i’m was with my family in a restaurant in Argentina that  was my first travel by air plane. my mom is Argentinian and she went to argentina to visit our family. the restaurant was very good . In Argentina the weater is very good is cold and i like cold a lot. In Argentina. I met yhe cousins of my mother and visited famous attractions. taht was a really cool travel.

A day skating with my friends

This picture was taked by my friend when we were skating at Marco Zero on a Saturday afternoon, the weather was good, I had a lot of friends and everyone was having fun. I was trying to do a difficult trick, and everyone was hoping I hit, after of various and several attempts, finally I learn the trick and everyone was celebrating and after this a friend told me if he took a photo of my trick and when I saw the picture i was surprised because the picture was really good, and this is why this picture is special for me.

Trip to Pesqueira

pesqueira In October 2013, my school organized a trip to Pesqueira, a city in Pernambuco. In this trip, I went with my class on a bus and when we arrived to an hotel. I stayed in the in the bedroom with my frinds Amanda and Marina.

When we got in the room, the coordinator sayed to go lunch, then we back to the bus and go visit the city. We lunch and went to the bus. 

We went in a place with a big hill and was very hot! We were tired, with

DSCN0093On the first two weeks of july of 2012, my parents and me were in Orlando, USA. There I went to many parks like Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios.This photo was taked  in the Universal Studios, when I was checking on the map of the park the attraction more near me. This day was awesome, I went to many increble attractions and saw increble views like cenes of Harry Potter. This was my favorite travel. I dream in the future go back there.