Botanical Garden with parents


It was in January 2008, and I was taking pictures in Rio de Janeiro. Was in the Botanical Garden with my parents. On that day, the tour was perfect as soon as I got everywhere I wanted to go take pictures, I love flowers and I felt I was in a dream. I was overjoyed, wanted to walk around the garden, I took so many photos … But is the one I like, so it was a pleasant moment of joy and energy that I felt! You are there with my parents was very good.

Only almost a disaster was happening when I was taking the picture I was almost upsetting me and falling in the water, but I was lucky that my parents were on my side to hold me, thank God. But the photo came out, and just thinking about that day hits me a longing … Anyway, after we left the garden, wanted to buy several posters and postcards of those wonderful flowers.

I hope so never forget that magical moment!

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