My Favorite Picture

My favorite picture it is with my little cousin. My mother took it, it was in the summer, was hot and we wanted to jump in the pool, but my cousin was sick, we only putted the feet there. She was playing a lot, but, i saw a frog. It was big and disgusting. I sayed to my cousin: “look a frog!” and she looked, and, that moment, my mother took the photo.

I keep on the my phone and i like it because it is cute and it is with my cousin, and I do not had a picture with she so it is the first of milions, because she is the most photogenice child that I saw in my life.

My favorite photo

My favorite photo is this one of me and the other students of my English course.

An ABA photographer took the photo on the last semester of 2016, when we were at the Preteen 5 at the ABA of Aflitos.

We were at our classroom at the room 207. It is on the second hall of the second floor in the ABA of Aflitos. We were poising to the photographer of the ABA in this photo. The taller students were behind the smaller students when the photographer took the photo.

I like this photo because it is of me and my friends, so I can remind they and the last semester at ABA.

I keep it in my bedroom with other photos that I like.