My Favorite Photo____ “An Protagonist”

This is Doroty. Wait, wait. This girl is a Boy?!? And this boy is me?!? NOOOOOOOO! Why, world?

My favorite photo is when I was a little, little, little and FAT child. I remember that I has a beautiful curly hair- I look like Doroty-. For this reason, I’ve been choosed to be the protagonist who, in chrismas, prey for gods to see Santa Claus (Because, in Chrismas, Jesus don’t matter, he only died for us life… Yeah? A simple thing that everyone does today…). But, this day, a female angel (who was my P.A teacher) arrives and bring me to Santa Claus’ slaves fabric… Kidding! just and normal toys fabric.  I act like a young, poor and cute child. My mom was so happy that cried. My school’s personal Photograph took this photo after the apresentation, when I left the Theater whit my school friends and parents and went to an place that a I dont remember who is. This happened  in 2011 or 2012, I don’t remember too (Oh god, my memory is terrible!).I like this photo because I was an “cute” kid and because this is the first photo that I remember. I keep this photo in the living room, on a table

A awesome day

This photo is one of my favorite photos with my whole family and me.

An American person (that I can’t remember the name) took this photo in the autumn of 2013 when my family and I were in Orlando.

We were at Magic Kingdom Amusement Park, one of the most famous Disney Amusement Park, at Orlando. We where aboard a mini train, waiting to go to some of the attractions there, then my dad asked to a woman to take a photo of us, and this photo came out, not the best but my favorite. The day at Magic Kingdom was LOOOONG, we left from the Park at 1:00 AM and we couldn’t find our car, so we got at the hotel at 3:00 AM, if I don’t count this it was a great day 🙂

I don’t LOOOVE this photo, but i like it, because it’s the only photo from when i traveled to Orlando that i have. And with this photo i remember many good things from there :).

Today I keep this photo in my phone, computer and in a Photo book.


My travel to Orlando!


This picture is very important for my life because was my first Travel to the other Country, in the travel I spent two days in Orlando and fun in 7 parks. My favorite park is the Magic Kingdom and Blizzard Beach where I play in several toys in the park, in the travel I went with company CVC and I Know several people. I really Liked the travel and I have the best trip in my life!

The day I met a eyebrowless woman


When My father took this photo we were on the Louvre Museum in Paris, also, I was getting pushed by a crowd, that also wanted to took a picture like this one. I like this picture a lot because I really like art, specially, Leonardo Da Vinci’s art, every painting made by him that I’ve ever seen is amazing, and this is my favorite photo because I think that is his best painting at all. This painting is called Mona Lisa and, it wasn’t really finished, Da Vinci died first and even not being finished it is an amazing painting, on the right side of the painting it is me, I was really happy that I have finally seen this painting, with her impressive beautiful eyebrowless face, the few seconds that I could look to it were really good, just like the time had stopped, it was an amazing momet.