The story behind the photo

In 2016 I was traveling with my family in Rio De Janeiro, I was very happy, after a day with very walks for turistic points I was very tired but me and my family went for more one turistic point, the pão de açúcar, when we arrived at pão de açúcar we took the cable car. I was very amazed with teh vision but when I took a look to the mountain I saw a man clibing the big mountain I was scared, and i took this photo.

The Story Behind a Photo- Laís Lima T3J1

                                  The Best Trip

In 25/03/2016, I went to Fernando de Noronha to celebrate the birthday of my brother. I went with my mom, my dad and my brother. I loved! It´s amazing and pretty. The water of the beach is clistarin

I stayed in small hotel, I didn´t like! Taking the hotel everythink was wonderful, the restaurants, the beach, the animals, the people, the landscape… A bad think was that everythink was expensive, the water was 10 reais.

I really want to go back to Fernando de Noronha!


The story behind a photo- Ana Beatriz Leite T3J1



The best competition was in João Pessoa on September days 8, 9 and 10, 2017. I played basketball, we won second place. The first place was for the team of Rio Grande do Norte, they were really good. This competition it was really cool because we met people from other states of Brazil, next year we are going to Maceió.

the history behind the photo

This photo was taken in Triunfo, Pernambuco. When I travelled to Triunfo I was 12 years old and I travelled with my mother and my cousin. On this Day I was going to a waterfall and the guide stopped in a place called Pico do papagaio where many tourists went to take photos of the sunset. I arrived in Pico do papagaio at 3 o’clock and I stayed there waiting for the sunset into 5 o’clock. When the sunset appeared everybody loved it because it was beautiful and after that I came back to the hotel because was very late to go to the waterfall.

We were almost run over!

We were going to hang out with our friends in shopping recife. Was going me, Ceci, Gabi, Gi, Hugo and Dudu, all of them my friends. In a car was me and all the girls. The boys were coming after us. We get out of the car and we decided to took a photo at the garage, because the view was beautiful. When we was going to took the photo a lot of cars were coming to park there. We were almost run over! But the photo was very beautiful! Veruska, Ceci’s Mother took this photo, at Shopping Recife’s garage. I choose this photo because i thought that the photo is beautiful and the story is really fun!

My School Games- Yasmin Rabelo T3H1

In April, the internal games at my school, I and my class participated in some games, but I guess that the best was the basketball game. There was hot and sunny, and I was so nervous because I only played basketball before in physical education classes and every year my class win this game but the other teams were very good too. At the end of the day, we won all the basketball games and stayed in first place for the third year in a row, it was so much fun! I really enjoyed this day and next year, I want to participate again.



I have been to Floresta, munipality of Pernambuco. I traveled there some yars ago. I went with my mother, my brother and one friend of my mother. I stayed in my uncle´s farm but he wasn´s´there. Most of the days we stayed at the farm because the centre of the city is a bit dangerous. Our friends lived there. We did many things because the people who live there are my mother´s friend for long time,so we had many things to do and to talk. We went to São Francisco river, we walked around the city a bit. In the morning was very hot, and at the night a little less hot. Concluding, the travel was very nice.

My trip to Curitiba

In july of 2016 I went to Curitiba with my mother, father, sister and brother. My mother took the photo when we went to the Tanguá Park.

My father went to Curitiba to study, so while he was studying, we traveled around the city. We went to the Tanguá Park, because it is one of the best sights in Curitiba.

I like the photo because the view is so beautiful and cool. I have the photo on my cell phone.

My trip to Disney!


This is my favorite photo becausa I really like this place. The photo was taken by me in 2016 when i visited disney. i was with my parents, ysley and humberto. my brother, victor. my uncles, cousins and grandparents. we were all on vacation celebrating my 14th birthday. this is castle is very famous he is in the magic kingdom, a park in the USA created by walt disney. the park receives more than 8 thousand people at a day. My family was very happy in visited a park. we were watching one of the presentation.