The history behind the photo

This photo is the first time who I went to Ilha do Retiro. Until now this is the stadium of the team Sport Clube do Recife. I took this photo to present because it’s a great moment on my life and I never going to forgot this perfect day.

When my dad took this photo I was five years old. Like I sad this is the first time when I went to Ilha do Retiro. This game was against Internacional and my team won when this happen we are very excited and happy to be there. After the game finish we come back home. When we open the door my brother Vinicius was crying because my dad don’t bring his for the game and he sad to my dad buy the ticket. Same with this my day was so good. This is the best day of my life (Until now).




my cuddly puppy

Day eighteen of march of 2017 I bought my little dog called Billy. It was my dream have a dog, when i didn’t hope more i ask’d my mother to buy a guinea pig, and she sad yes, but my father sad NO , “if we are having a pet we are having a DOG”, so we went to the pet store and we bought Billy. He is very special for me and my family, my mom dosen’t likes him do much but i know that at the botton of her heart she love’s him.



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my especial moment




I’ve known her since two years, she’s very special in my life.
We have been friends for many years. I love her so much,
I know that whenever I need her she will be there to help me.
No matter the distance we will always be together, I say this because she
is living in Brazil for 4 years.
In this photo we were on my 4 year anniversary, I remember that
moment until today was very special.

Our friendship will last forever.

The last day in my old school

Behind this photo have the story about my last day in my school with my friends. In this day I wearing a different clothe, like my friends. In this photo have Ana Bia, the girls with a baby hair and wearing a custom blouse. She is one of my friends and I like her so much. Next to Ana Bia have my very old friend, Juliana, she wanted to use a clothe like a girl of humans. In the right have Bia, she is a very old friend too, and this day she wearing a clothe like a character that her love so much, and this character in the program have a cat, and Bia asked so much for me be the cat of the animation. And after muck asking, I accept. Camile is my very old friend too, and she wearing a hat like a cowboy and boots, the story behind this mummer is so embarassed and pessoal, because of that I will not tell. And the boy of this photo is a recently friend, but I love him so much. The clothe of him don’t have any story, he just wanted to use. We wearing this clothes for remember this day. I cried so much, because three of my friends (Ana Bia, Juliana and Jose) in 2017 don’t study in the same school, staying one away from the other. Camile with others posted many cute texts on Instagram talking about this special day and Bia drew this photo for remember too. I miss my friends so much, and this day is so special for me, we laugh, cry and had fun. Was a happy and bad day, but I like to remember, it’s always good have a story to tell.

the surprises of my carnival

  My name is Cecilia, I have 12 years old and I took this picture last month at my school, it was carnival and I was with my friends on the canteen, we went there about 6 o’clock, I was dressed like a cat, with a short, a blouse with a cat in the middle, some jewleres and a cat ear, in the photo I am between the girl with a red t-shirt and the girl with a grey blouse.

In this carnival, I was a little sick but I was so ecxited, in front of the school some mens was selling diferents things, my friend Gabriel bougth 2 foam sprays, and ran to put at us, it was very funny! but in this kidding I forgot one of my gold earing.

This picture are tooked before I forgot my earing, I just discovered this when I was with my aunt and my cousin in the car, but without this my carnival was perfect, after this i went to Porto de Galinhas with my friend and it was so funny.

I hope you like my history about my carnival!


This was a very special moment of my life. It was in Portugal/Spain, place that I went on my last trip.
In this day I did a lot of things and everything was fantastic. I woke up early but with a good feeling, I ate a delicious breakfast (a sandwich with grape juice). The weather was very nice. I went for a walk with my parents and Laura, my sister, to the most beautiful places in Portugal, and appreciating this places, I recognized how much I’m lucky to have the life that I have, a perfect life, and that’s a thing that just a small quantity of people can say.
It was an amazing day and an incredible moment.


  I took this photo in the carnival of this year. I spent the holiday in Muro Alto, Porto de Galinhas. Most of my friends were there too, so we decided to met, so one day we go to my friend’s house. So me and more seven friends: Bia, Manu, Olga, Dora, Isabela, Luana and Leticia, wnet there. We had so much fun, we went to the pool, took photos, and did a lot of things together. 

The day that my brother born



When i has 5 years old we and all my family was commemorating because my mom was pregnant but i always didn´t know…..

But i didn´t asked because i was loving to be playing with my cousents.

when already was in the midow of the party i dicided to ask she why is having a party.She looked for me with a big smile and said:I am pregnant!!!

when she heard what she tell to me i scream:I´m going to have a little brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i tell to my cousents and they was very happy two!

9 month latter,i was going to the hospital with my hol family.Every boddy was very exited watind to the baby in a little room.

1 hour latter,my father sad to me: lets see the baby!!

all the people that was watting the baby goes to a window an in a feel minutes my father was with the baby in the lap,an didn`t belive!

An now my brothe become my best friend.

the story behind a photo

This picture was when I went to London with my family and went to big ben. It’s a special day for me, because in this day I came to know many things about London. And i like so much the city. There I went to many turistic places and the best for me is the big ben.

The story behind a photo

      This picture was taken when i went to Disney for my first time. It was in 2014, i was 10 years old and i was in Magic Kingdom, a famous park of Disney. At the moment of the photo was taken we are watching one of the beautiful and traditional parades of this park. Behind the parade we can see the Cinderella’s Castle, an incredible and majestic building.

       This travel was amazing, i went to Disney’s four biggest parks: Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epicot and Hollywood Studios. I went to a lot of roller coasters and attractions and this was really funny.

       One year after this voyage, i went to Disney again, but at this time with my father’s family and this was as funny as the first.  I really like so much this travels and because of that i am looking forward to my next trip to the U.S.A!

                              This was the story behind this photo, bye bye and see you again!