My first time at Beto Carrero World

One of my favourites photos is this one of my first day in Santa Catarina, when I went to Beto Carrero World. My dad took the photo in the winter of 2014 when we were on vacation with my family. This is the best park of Brazil in my opinion. We were going to the park when my father decided to take this photo. When he took the photo, he told me the history of the park. I like this photo because it shows the castle in front of the park.


My brother’s graduation

My father took this photo when we went to my brother’s graduation. In this day, my uncle, my aunt and my cousin went to my house to do a surprise for me, because they live in João Pessoa. I was very happy, becuse I love them. My cousin, Nuninha, was very jealous of my friend Malu, because she thought I was only her and she was my only best friend of all time. I love this photo because I felt very loved when my cousin got jealous of me and why they came to visit me. I also love this photo because my brother graduated and in the end, that is, in this photo, Nuninha realized that I was not only her and that I had friends. Finally she even became friends with Malu. After, we went to the party of my brother’s graduation. The party was really cool and crazy.


Abroad to Disney

I took this photo with my two brothers in Disney.

 It was (and still is) a magical place, it was just impossible to get sad there.

I went with my mother my father and my two brothers (in the photo i’m the child in the middle).

I was 7 years old, my older brother was 10 years old and my younger brother was 4years old.

We went in lots of roller-coasters but my favorite one was Rock-It, you start in a 90º degree uprise and then  it has lots of loops and it was very fast, but you do all this listening to music.

We went in 2013 may so I missed classes to go to Disney.

We get lots of autographs from fictional characters like Mickey.

We were very happy altough it was jut a three day visit.


A photo with a youtuber

When I took this picture I had a neckache and stomachache, I wanted anyways to go to Anima Recife ( a game event ) to see the youtuber T3ddy, so, I went to it

The event was bery cool, but, I forgot to take a picture with T3ddy

Gaby (one of my best friends) asked me if I took the picture or not, so it was at that moment that I went to the line to take the picture with him. The line was VERY big. I would take about one hour to take the picture with him.

After that, I saw Gaby`s aunt. She was very close to take a picture with him. She said to me to come at her, then, she gave me her position in the line. We were the last ones to take a picture with T3ddy because he past about two hours taking pictures with the fans, so, the people behind us didn`t take a picture with him!

What a Luck!!!

surprise party of my friend

I  was  talking  with  my  friends , in  a  surprise party for Murilo,  when  my  friend`s sister decided to take  a  photo  of  us. This  photo was  taken  i  the   party  hall  of  Murilo  building,  he  live  in  Boa Viagem.

This  photo  is  very important  for  me  because  it  represents  the importance  of  my  friends  in  my  life.


Hi! My name is Maria Eduarda and now I tell you  the history behind this photo.

I took this photo in Conception ( Chile ) in the hotel.

I love this photo so much because is the first time I see the snow and this travel was so good.

My mother took this photo when we are arrived in the hotel.

In this photo I was touching in the snow of my first time , the felling is very good but also is very cold.

The favorite photo of my life

One of my favorite photos is this one of me, my brother, called Gianluca, and my parents. My dad took the ”selfie” in the winter of 2016 when we were on vacations in the USA.

On this vacations, my parents and I traveled to Virginia, USA to meet my brother that is studying in an university, called Washington & Lee University. This photo was taken in front of the university. I love so much this photo because it was snowing and I looked very funny with my M&M’s hat. After this photo, my brother did a tour for us and showed his friends for us, too. Then, we went to Orlando and Tampa to go shopping and go to so many rollercoasters.

After that, we went to St. Pete Beach, a beautiful place that you can see the wonderful sunset of the Gulf of Mexico. Then, we came back and left my brother on his university and my parents and I returned home.

So, this was the story of this photo.


the crazy girl

I was in Recife antigo in carnaval with my cousins Tulio,Malu and Bea watching a show of Elba Ramalho and Alceu Valenca.The people were drinking so much alcoholics drink and they were drunk.In the middle of the show,a girl came and asked to take a photo with us and we took the photo.The girl was drunk and alone.This photo is important for me because teaches me I shoud never be drunk and alone.

the most humiliating moment

  • At that moment, I just suffered a goal, which can be considered humiliating, because it was a goal that we call “SAIA“, which is when the goalkeeper takes a goal under his legs, that this is very difficult to happen, happens More in amateur soccer, at the moment my team lost of 2×0 and this would be the third goal of the victory of the adversaries by 4×0, my mon took the photo,in my school olympics,that is special, because is the exact moment when I took the goal.

my cruise

                              I went to EUA on a cruise, and the cruise was fantastic , I met this four girls, their names are Paula ( this girl that I’m hugging ), this other girl that is next me is my cousin Marina, Gabi is the girl that is wearing the purple t-shirt and Julia is the girl nest Gabi, a went on january 20th, I was with my family and my cousins family, it was sunny and beautiful  on  the cruise but wen we got out was raining, we went to pool and do some activities on the cruise. I really like this picture because register this four peoples that a met on the cruise.