I went to Orlando, Florida in my vacation of 2016 to visit the parks of Disney and universal.I went to US with my mother, my father, my two uncles, my aunt and my grandmother.I like everything in the trip because i never visit the US, but the best part of the trip it was the parks.The weather it was sunny every day, but the final of the travel was very cold and rains a lot. I stayed in cabana bay resort

my favorite photo

this is one of my favorite photos!

I took this picture along with my cousin that I had not seen for a year

We were at a basketball game together with my parents, my brother and her parents.

I like it because on that day my cousin and I met again, soon after I took a picture on the fox table and the team that we were cheering won!

My favorite photo

One of my favorite photos is this one of me and my soccer team. 

My dad took this photo in a match in 2016 when we were playing against Damas

We were at a soccer field in the school that I study, CBV. We were talking about the tactics
that we would use in the game. We won this game, 2×1. Although our team was discredited in the league we could win.

I love this photo because it reminds me of a happy day that I have.

I have this photo on my cellphone and on my Instagram!

My 3rd Birthday

It was in my 3rd  birthday in my old house.

This photo is important to me because i love my old house, she was little but to much fun!!

With my brother and sister we did things that my parents were angry and happy sometimes.

My birthday had the theme of clowns but i hate clowns! My mom put this theme because she didn’t found another one.

i am doing this face because my dad came with candys and foods and i was hungry and my brother and my family too.

The others photos of my 3rd birthday is in my notebook but i think this one is the most special because show my brother and sister.

Now i live in a house bigger than this but sometimes i want to go back to live there because it was so funny, cool and happy live there with my family in this beautiful house!


The best day of my life! – Sophia Alcântara – T3H1

The best day of my life happened in November, 2010,4, When my Young sister, Alice was born. It was the best experience of my life. I waited too much for she, so i was so excited for this moment. In the morning, i went to the hospital with my parentes and my grandparents, a few minutes later, my uncle and  my aunties arrived with my cousins. We all were so excited to see my sister! In this day, we waited too much but we had a great time, the day was perfect, it was sunny! When my sister was born, we were happier than before! I´ll never forget this day, of course, it was the best day of my life, it was unforgettable! Nowadays, she´s 6, I love my sister!

When I traveled to Manaus – Maria Clara – T3H1

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I went to Manaus last year in july. I went with my family, my father, mother and my two sisters. In Manaus was sunny but rained some days, at night was very cold. I stayed in a tropical hotel. There, I went to the beach, to different restaurants, to parks, to pool, I played soccer, voleiball, basquetball in hotel, and others. I loved this trip, is the better moment of my life… 

My Trip to Orlando – Pedro Guerra -T3H1

          In October 2016 I went to United States for the first time in my life with my family, mother, father, brother, aunt, uncle and 3 cousins.

          I went there to enjoy my vacation, going to the theme parks, and to buy somethings.

          We stay in a apartment\hotel in Kissimmee, closer to Orlando.

         I have a really great time with my family there.


Pedro Guerra | Teen 3H1