The story behind a photo- Marina da Fonte-T3G2

I took this photo, wen I stayed a long time in New York Manhattan, seven moth,but it was so cool. I really like there because it is so different like the peoples, the safety many think that we don’t have here in Brasil.I really like this photo because it represent a very importante moment of my life,stay a long time in other country with my uncle and my aunt and my 3 causing the same think of sisters and a brother like another family, study in a other school with other people but it was awesome.

The story behind a photo- Gabriel Valença-T3H1

I took this photo in july of this year, I was at the Chichén Itzá, Mexico. On this day I was visiting there. I have this photo on my cellphone. I like the Chichén Itzá because, there I took many photos, learn about history and I loved this place. This is one photo that I like too much. My mother took this photo on her cell phone, in July 2018, at one of most famous pyramids of Maya story ( Chichén Itzá).

The story behind a photo -Raquel Meira-T3H1

I took this photo because I wanted remember this moment , and I love this photo because when I see I stay very happy and other reson that I took this photo is because are very funny, because my dog amolst knocked me.Is my favory picture because I love my dog so much, and he is my baby. I took this photo on my house in the garden and I used my celphone for take the photo.

The story behind a photo-Caio Cordeiro-T3H1

In this photo, I had to Beto Carrero in Santa Catarina.I keep this photo in gallery,clow and Gmail. I like this photo because, in this day I´m so happy for exemple: I went to many big toys, fim 3D etc.I don´t have farotite photo, but I like this photo, because is one best day in my life.My father took this photo, hr tooks in Beto Carrero in the holiday.



the story behind a photo-Maria Luiza Pacheco- T3H1

This day I go to Disney with my best friend Luiza, my mother  and her family.We go to Magic Kingdom and was a very funny day!We go to roller coasters, and I saw all yhe Disney shows at the Cinderela Castel, my favorite show was Happily Ever After, is the new Disney show.In this day I ate a very good ice cream the ice cream at ayhe Mickey bath tub,and is so cute!I like to much this day,beacause Magic Kingdom is so beautiful and have nice toys, and I meet Mickey,Minnie,Goof,Donald Duck, and other Disney characters!Magic Kingdow is really a magic place, and have a good energy that make you feel so good!

The story behind a photo-Malu Luiza Levy T3H1

         This picture a took in Disney,when I did a similar photo that I saw in Instagram. I keep this photo in my gallery,I like that photo because its funny I try to imitate a photo.This is one of my favorite Disney pics.I went to Disney with my family and friends, it was a lot nice.Who took this picture was my mother,when I was in EPCOT its one park in DISNEYLAND.I took this phonto in the year 2015,january !

The Story Behind A Photo- Beatriz Costa- T3H1

I went to Gravata last month with my best’s friends, my mom did fotoshoot of me and my friends. She took this photo in the harbour, i thought this photo very tumblr and keep in my celphone. This day we did some photos, because my mom like take a photos, had more than 100 photos. I love stay with my friends, playing, talking, having fun and this photo show this, that’s why is my favorite.