My favorite photo

 In my favorite photo, I had traveled to United States and went to Animal Kingdom. I was already leaving when I took around and I saw a character from the movie UP, so I ran out to take a picture with him. I don´t remember but I think is was my  mom who take the photo. I smile and said “thank you”. And after me and my family went to the hotel.

My Favorite Photo____ “An Protagonist”

This is Doroty. Wait, wait. This girl is a Boy?!? And this boy is me?!? NOOOOOOOO! Why, world?

My favorite photo is when I was a little, little, little and FAT child. I remember that I has a beautiful curly hair- I look like Doroty-. For this reason, I’ve been choosed to be the protagonist who, in chrismas, prey for gods to see Santa Claus (Because, in Chrismas, Jesus don’t matter, he only died for us life… Yeah? A simple thing that everyone does today…). But, this day, a female angel (who was my P.A teacher) arrives and bring me to Santa Claus’ slaves fabric… Kidding! just and normal toys fabric.  I act like a young, poor and cute child. My mom was so happy that cried. My school’s personal Photograph took this photo after the apresentation, when I left the Theater whit my school friends and parents and went to an place that a I dont remember who is. This happened  in 2011 or 2012, I don’t remember too (Oh god, my memory is terrible!).I like this photo because I was an “cute” kid and because this is the first photo that I remember. I keep this photo in the living room, on a table

My Favorite Picture

My favorite picture it is with my little cousin. My mother took it, it was in the summer, was hot and we wanted to jump in the pool, but my cousin was sick, we only putted the feet there. She was playing a lot, but, i saw a frog. It was big and disgusting. I sayed to my cousin: “look a frog!” and she looked, and, that moment, my mother took the photo.

I keep on the my phone and i like it because it is cute and it is with my cousin, and I do not had a picture with she so it is the first of milions, because she is the most photogenice child that I saw in my life.

My Favorite Photo

One of my favorites photos is this one with me, my cousins, my aunt and my grandmother. My dad took this photo in 2005 when I was born. In this picture I was still in the hospital when they visited me. In the photo, I am in the baby crib. My cousin is looking at me and his face is scared. My younger cousin was six months old in this picture and my older cousin was three years old. I love this picture because I think so fun the face and expressions of my cousin looking at me. The photo is keeping in my album and in my computer.


i took this photo   in gravata . I was in the playground playing in the tire swing when, my mother took the photo. I was 4 years old,  I  went to gravatar because it was Sao joao and my father rent a room in the hotel for  we celebrate together. This day was my favorite, because i had a surprise my old  brother visited me and we played a lot!


Behind this photo have a beautiful story… This is the teen part of my family, me, my brother and my cousin´s. This photo is very important for me because is the only photo that i have me and my cousin´s. This photo is took on reveillon, the place is the british country club.  When i look  this foto i remember when they said: ´´ HAPPY NEW YEAR´´ and they hug me. I love my family and stay with them… Mainly on a special date! Take a photo on the reveillon with my mother and father is a tradicional thing for me… After one year, i look the last photo and compare. After the photo me and my cousin´s stay with friends and my mother and father make a conversation with many people… And they celebration a new year!!!!! 

My favorite photo

My favorite photo is this one of me and the other students of my English course.

An ABA photographer took the photo on the last semester of 2016, when we were at the Preteen 5 at the ABA of Aflitos.

We were at our classroom at the room 207. It is on the second hall of the second floor in the ABA of Aflitos. We were poising to the photographer of the ABA in this photo. The taller students were behind the smaller students when the photographer took the photo.

I like this photo because it is of me and my friends, so I can remind they and the last semester at ABA.

I keep it in my bedroom with other photos that I like.


My favorite photo, It´s a photo I took when I am In the enter of the UNIVERSAL park at December 15 of 2016. I like this photo because It´s when I go to Orlando Florida In the USA, this photo on the wall of my room, when I took this photo I go into the park and go to the HULK roller-coaster  and starts the funny.

The history behind the photo

This photo is the first time who I went to Ilha do Retiro. Until now this is the stadium of the team Sport Clube do Recife. I took this photo to present because it’s a great moment on my life and I never going to forgot this perfect day.

When my dad took this photo I was five years old. Like I sad this is the first time when I went to Ilha do Retiro. This game was against Internacional and my team won when this happen we are very excited and happy to be there. After the game finish we come back home. When we open the door my brother Vinicius was crying because my dad don’t bring his for the game and he sad to my dad buy the ticket. Same with this my day was so good. This is the best day of my life (Until now).




my cuddly puppy

Day eighteen of march of 2017 I bought my little dog called Billy. It was my dream have a dog, when i didn’t hope more i ask’d my mother to buy a guinea pig, and she sad yes, but my father sad NO , “if we are having a pet we are having a DOG”, so we went to the pet store and we bought Billy. He is very special for me and my family, my mom dosen’t likes him do much but i know that at the botton of her heart she love’s him.



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